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Welcome to the Blood Bowl Beginner Kit!

I am SAEBELSULTAN (NAF-Tag and on the forums) and you will find here almost everything you need in order to start playing Blood Bowl.
My aim was to collect Do-It-Yourself-Blood-Bowl-Resources in one central place, so players who are new to the game will find the neccessary equipment available to them. I took the things I considered good, added things I couldn’t find on the web and put them all together on this site. And it is all for free!
Now, all you need is a printer, some thin cardboard, a pair of sciccors and some time. It will give you an almost complete set of the Blood Bowl game. You will have to get your own set of dice and/or substitue some Block Dice though.
And even though everything is for free on this site, I highly recommend spending money on this game! There are many fabulous companies out there that do wonderful things. Or at least join the NAF, which also does a marvellous job for the community.
Also, a quick word on the things I share here: if you search around you will find tons of high quality resources for Blood Bowl! I only chose a very small quantity of what is to be found. I do encourage you to look around for yourself and maybe you find something, that suits your needs better.
Finally I would like to thank the creators of the recources you find here. You have done some great work! Thank you for sharing it!

May Nuffle bless your dice!

Blood Bowl 2016:

I am aware, that with the re-publushing of Blood Bowl by Games Workshop in 2016 there have been changes and additions to the rules that you find here. So far I am unwilling to give my site an update, because up until now I cannot see a benefit in it. That is mainly because all updated rules can not be found in one central place yet and from what I gather, most people /leagues /tournaments still use the old CRP. I may update the rules in the future, but for now will stick with what I have collected.
However ou can find a full list of changes here (as of November 2016):


11 thoughts on “Kit Content

  1. Daniel Pryn says:

    Hi there, thanks for a lot of great resources.
    Just noticed an error on the Rules Reference Sheets, though. Under the description for Tentacles the text says:
    “On < 5 target held firm".
    It should have been:
    "On <= 5 target held firm".

    Great work otherwise.
    Cheers! 🙂


  2. dode74 says:

    Great work. Is it worth adding “The Art of Blocking”? It’s also on the NAF site:


  3. I have some resources if you would like to add them?


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